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The Joshua Camp, S.E.N.T. Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9BX [email protected]
+44 (0) 1277 215 011 Fax: +44 (0) 1277 234 401
The Joshua Camp Co-ordinators

National/Regional Co-ordinators

Please see below for the names and contacts for those already taking a group from their nation/region of the UK – if you are from these areas they should be your first point of contact!

National Co-ordinators:

Lorrie and James Walker: [email protected]

USA: Mark Rothmeyer (located in Arkinsaw) [email protected]
and Lori Harris (located in Texas) 
[email protected]

Australia: Edwin and Emma Baker (located in Melbourne) [email protected]

India: Cassius Soares (located in Pune) [email protected]

Central Africa: Antony Elliot (covering Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania) [email protected]

England: Karen Shurety [email protected]
Facebook: Joshua Camp 2012 /The Joshua Camp (Official)

Holland: Simone Klarenbeek  [email protected]

Germany: Eva Greitemann [email protected]

Eva Sido eva.jn15.[email protected]


Slovakia: Helena Slikova [email protected]

Czech Republic: Pavla Petrášková  [email protected]

Poland: Justyna Plonska [email protected]
Facebook: Joshua Camp 2012 Polska

Lithuania: Ruta Salaseviciene [email protected]

Portugal: Marta Pereira [email protected]

English Regional Co-ordinators:
Brentwood: Sarah Barber [email protected]
Plymouth and Portsmouth: Lucy Mackain-Bremner [email protected]