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The Joshua Camp, S.E.N.T. Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9BX [email protected]
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Would you like to help us by supporting this project in prayer?

If you send an email to
[email protected] you will receive an email each month with some prayer points. They will also appear here on this page. Please ask the Lord how He wants you to pray for this project. Maybe He will ask you to fast from something for that time, or to use a method of prayer that you’re not very used to, or just to add it as an intention to your daily prayers.

If you feel God is saying anything to you for this project, or the way we should pray for it, please let us know at the same email address and it will be passed on to The Joshua Camp team.

If you have any time, great or small, to dedicate to praying for this project, please send an email to
[email protected]

What is an Intercessor?

As you can imagine, organising the Joshua Camp is a huge undertaking.  It will be a stretching experience for those involved with plenty of opportunities to grow in trusting God and in His providence. That is where intercessors come in. Intercessors are asked to spend time in God’s presence and to bring before Him all the needs of this project. From the very practical to the emotional and spiritual battles that will need to be fought between now and when the project finish in 2012.
We know that prayer works and that faith moves mountains. We see it in Joshua, he led the people of God into the Promised Land. He was a leader of vision with faith for great things. He believed God would provide all that was necessary. His relationship with God was the focus of his life and prayer the start of any activity. We believe that God wants to give all that is necessary to make the Joshua Camp work, and that He is asking us too, to come to Him for everything.
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